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Lab Diamond Custom Jewelry

Tsvjeweler is back with a few more masterpiece. These carefully designed one of a kind custom pendants that are brought to life by the customer's unique designs which stand out in any type of setting the Lab-Tested Diamonds, is the best quality and will have any room you walk into lit up.

Cursive Fonts

Of course , with going with Custom Jewelry you want your piece to come out just the way you pictured it and TSVjewelers will not let you down this is a pendant that Tsvjewelers just finished for a customer by looking at this piece you will see that when creating this piece details was a major key in making this piece Tsvjewelers always want the customers vision to come to life in every pendant no matter the cost.

Gold Lettering

from font to different types of letting TsvJewelers will make it happen and they TsvJewelers isn't able to fulfill your demands with is more unlikely than Tsv will always reach out and contact you and keep you updated always on your custom piece. There's nothing like having communication that's what helps things flow smoothly with creating anything custom. This is a unique piece TSvJewlers did for a customer.

Unique Designs

You always want something you create for a pendant to be unique, This piece was a very unique and caught my eyes because I am big on the medallion the round pendants always give your style a unique look and when you get around pendant it leaves you a lot of room to fill in spaces with Lab Diamonds like this customer did with their pendant it makes the piece bolder and give it character. The crown and the lion and dragon made this piece standout from most ordinary pendants.

Adding Character

It's a perfect way of creating your masterpiece thinking outside of the box will always help you create a one of a kind pendant by being that you don't want any custom pendant looking similar to anyone else's. Creativity is key when you want something no one else has by adding character thing that stands out on your pendant like in this case the buildings are 3D bulging out making your pendant go from hollow to 3D just that easy. If you're looking to create or even have an idea in mind and want to get a custom done I highly recommend that you go through TsvJewelers you will not be disappointed in the work they do if you would like to see more customs please log on to and browse through the custom jewelry section to get more ideas or just to see what was made for previous customer's

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