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14k Yellow Gold Lion Head Necklace

Looking for the perfect gold lion head necklace for a gift for someone this holiday season ? Well look no further because Tsv Jewelers has just released their top selling 14k yellow gold lion head necklace as of august of 2017. This lion head necklace is not the typical style lion head you can find on the market it features a exquisite unique design that will catch the eye of anyone out there looking to purchase a lion head necklace. From its bold facial detail to the many hand placed lab simulated diamonds all the many details that are put together to make this one great piece and well designed. The lion head comes in 14k yellow gold plating dipped 3 times to last from the typical fading or discoloration. And to top it off the pendant includes a 14k gold plated 316 stainless steel rope chain necklace. get yours today from Tsv Jewelers !

Check out a video of this item !

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