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Hip Hop Gold Grillz

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Put your

money where your mouth is ” but today in the hip hop community, it takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of referring to bright white teeth or a friendly personality, now that smile can be killer if it is made from gold. It’s hip hop’s hottest fashion accessory, better known as gold grillz.

If you’ve ever wondered if your favorite hip hop artist teeth are real. The answer you are looking for turns out that the iconic gold teeth look don't actually require you to lose your pearly whites. It’s just a matter of slipping in an Gold Plated mouthpiece called custom gold grillz.

fame and fortune of gold has been symbolized for success for many years. Gold is looked at as a status symbal of success.Customers frequently wear Gold Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and rings But the most recent way to show off some gold bling is in your mouth! Gold Grillz were first worn in the United States in the 60’s, but it wasn’t until the 80’s when it became a popular trend in the hip-hop community.

With popular rappers like Lil John and migos rocking gold grills, fans quickly caught on to the look and embraced the new iced out “bling” trend.

What are Gold Grillz?

Alot of the gold grillz you see on celebrities in todays time aren’t actually real teeth. They are prosthetic teeth that are worn over your normal teeth just to give the appearance that your mouth is made of solid or gold with diamonds . The grillz can easily be removed and can be worn on the top teeth, bottom teeth, or in a single cap to cover the entire bite. Of course, gold isn’t the only style that’s hot these days when wearing grills. People alsowhere grillz with

diamonds gemstones, and cuts. Fashion grillz are available in silver, gold, or covered in lab diamonds. Some even feature fangs! as if you were a vampire. You can find smooth finished and diamond cut designs. From a single tooth cap to multiple or a full mouth fit, you can find something to add some ice to your smile. It’s only a matter of your budget and your style because anything is possible in the world of dental fashion accessories. If you cant wait to try out your own gold grillz look, there are a couple of options to choose from at Tsv jewelers. You can order budget friendly premade grillz online that are made to fit standard mouth sizes. To get the look, you’ll start by getting a dental impression made that is included with your order. When you order your gold slugs, you’ll receive a kit that includes all the materials you need to make an impression. And soon you will be on your way to blinged out smile.

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