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Hip Hop Gold Grillz

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Put your

money where your mouth is ” but today in the hip hop community, it takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of referring to bright white teeth or a friendly personality, now that smile can be killer if it is made from gold. It’s hip hop’s hottest fashion accessory, better known as gold grillz.

If you’ve ever wondered if your favorite hip hop artist teeth are real. The answer you are looking for turns out that the iconic gold teeth look don't actually require you to lose your pearly whites. It’s just a matter of slipping in an Gold Plated mouthpiece called custom gold grillz.

Gold plated Top & Bottom Grillz Set

fame and fortune of gold has been symbolized for success for many years. Gold is looked at as a status symbal of success.Customers frequently wear Gold Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and