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Men's Hip Hop Gold Chains

The most popular product in hip hop jewelry on the market today, Men's hip hop chains comes in as most wanted. Here is a hot selling chain from our thin chain category

So whats all the talk about this 14k snake chain ? is it its sleek unique design. or maybe its smooth feel that it gives off when been worn on the neck if the most popular trendsetters in the industry. Although the snake chain has been around for decades its popularity decreased after the early 2000's but seems to be sneaking its way back in style just like other trends. With this chain you can bring old school back and still look cool today. TSV Jewelers carries snake chains in all platings and sizes that way the snake chain you buy is to your style type.

14k Gold Snake Box Chain

Its important when shopping for a chain to browse all styles such as cuban link chains, franco chains, box chains, snake chains, iced out cuban link chains, tennis chains, rope chains, pearl box chains, ball chains and hip hop chains.

Now thats a large variety of styles that can be found at these styles can be purchased in different sizes and different gold types such as yellow gold, rose gold and White Gold. When purchasing a new chain its nice to wear them with out a pendant but if you would like to really stand out adding a custom pendant to your chain would be your best bet. Tsv jewelers is a one stop shop you can purchase a chain and within the click on your computer or i phone a custom pendant can be purchased as well to give you that extra shine that you are looking for. Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

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