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Cuban Link Chains

Fashions come and go as the fashion world is an ever-changing one. Some fashion items or trends disappear to reappear much later with others like the Cuban link chains stay relevant all the time. Although no-one knows for certain but going by popular opinion, these versatile gold Cuban link chains probably evolved from the hip-hop jewelry movement of the late 70s and mid 80s have not only stuck around for long but lately has worked its way up to the top cadre of the fashion world with almost everyone desiring to have one. The craze for Cuban link chains short up after the year 2012 and have steadily been on the rise ever since going by the monthly worldwide searches shown by Google - a strong pointer to the interest /attention and invariably the demand that Cuban link chain now get. This increased attention and popularity of gold Cuban link chain can be partially if not totally attributed to its increased use by high profile hip-hop celebrities such as rappers, athletes etc. as it is from them that people started seeing very long versions of gold Cuban link chain, iced out Cuban link chain or heavy Cuban link chain, hip-hop Cuban link chain and others, some of which weigh as much as 2, 5 or 10 kilograms.

This popular style Cuban link chain, which is either machine-made or hand-crafted is mostly made of metals like platinum, gold and silver with gold being the most common metal used. The two most common color configurations of Cuban link chain are the yellow gold Cuban link chain and the rose gold Cuban link chain (also known as the pink Cuban link chain or red gold Cuban link chain). Most gold Cuban link chain are made to look like yellow gold or regular gold. Other colored metals such as copper, nickel, manganese and palladium can be combined with gold to change the color of the final design viz:

Copper combines with gold to make rose gold Cuban link chain.

.Nickel, manganese or palladium combines with gold to make the white gold Cuban link chain variety.

A Cuban link chain is usually robust with compact links which have less space in between them. Whether made of solid gold or with diamond, Cuban link chains are usually weighty and expensive -looking with their timeless styles and designs making them stand out anytime anywhere. They are usually adorned by many hip-hop stars, rappers, athletes and celebrities due to their unique interlocking patterns that stand them out from other varieties. Whether worn singly on their own or with pendants, Cuban link chains put you in a class of your own. They are not only adorable but have the durability to last a lifetime. These popular and versatile gold Cuban link chains are not limited to rappers and celebrities alone but also go well with anyone that uses them with moderation. As a top luxury fashion accessory, Cuban link chains are neck-turners at every event.

With the right clothing and beautiful swag, you need the 14k gold Cuban link chain, a brand of these chains, to complete your looks. Yes, adorning this traditional cable statement jewelry - 14k Cuban link chain necklace, a basic cable chain that's made up of individual links in a uniformly interlocking patterns with every link being at 90 degrees to two adjacent links - a design that gives the 14k Cuban link chain not only a classic look but also a rugged elegance and style that is exceptional, will adequately enhance your appearance. The oval-shaped open links which the manufacturer has twisted such that they interlock and lie flat as you wear the gold Cuban link chain gives a classic hip-hop effect that's popular with men, women and children of distinction. Again, the diverse collections of jewelry of different styles and sizes stocked by tsvjewelers makes this 14k gold Cuban link chain easy to find.

Iced out Cuban link chains, another brand of good quality chains that deliver to you much more than you expect, also add style and swag to your attire anytime. They are customizable and as such give you the freedom to choose your desired length or size. You can get a sleek and elegant look by wearing iced out Cuban link chains because they always give strikingly unique poise anywhere. The sharp and classic style of these heavy Cuban link chains usually add a bling to your outfit. They are not only durable but fashionable as well. Heavy Cuban link chains have such a firm finishing portraying quality and a look and feel that's soooo satisfying that they are a must wear for everyone. Whatever your needs or style, they are available at tsvjewelers. We stock them all - necklaces, bracelets, pendants!

Hip-hop Cuban link chain is a classic range of chains that come in various sizes and shapes. It includes the:

Sterling hip-hop Cuban link chain

Yellow gold hip-hop Cuban link chain

White gold hip-hop Cuban link chain

Inspite of its wide range of choice, it can still be customized to your taste. These gorgeous and eye-catching Cuban link chain not only give you a cool and comfy appearance but also adds poise and elegance while enhancing your sense of style. Wearing one launches you right into the world of fashion blazers.

Should Cuban link chain be an investment?

It is noteworthy that gold, after reaching a peak of about $1900 per ounce in 2011, it steadily nose-dived to the point of hitting a 5-year low of about $1600 per ounce in December of 2015. By May of 2010, it came as low as $1300 per ounce. In comparison, Cuban link chain jewelry have been rising price-wise and with many people still demanding for it, the price is still going up - a development that is beg to make people wonder whether Cuban link chain can make a good investment venture. The question that seems to be on everyone's mouth is:

How will investing in Cuban link chain fare? Will it pay off in the long run?

In trying to answer this question, let us be reminded that the spot price of gold as at 2005 was around $400 per troy ounce, from which point it rose steadily, increasing by about 350 percent in price for the next 7-8 years later.

The implication of this development is that a Cuban link chain bought at the beginning of 2005 would be worth much more than four times of its price seven years later. Even though some investors may be of the view that some other better ways of investing in gold exist than in Cuban link chain, one should take cognisance of the fact that the real reason for buying a Cuban link chain is not for betting on the appreciation of gold but for your likeness for it. Inspite of the fact that Cuban link chain retain its value or even experience a price hike due to the prevailing market behavior and trend of gold which usually is huge with potential benefits, one should be mindful of the fact that this development yields only a secondary benefit. Although this secondary benefit can obviously give the purchaser of a Cuban link chain jewelry a greater sense of security, investing in a Cuban link chain jewelry should still play second fiddle when it comes to a buyer's investment in gold jewelry.

Shopping Tips:

There are several things to look out for before placing ordering for any Cuban link jewelry because making a quality Cuban chain has its requirements which if adhered to will help you find the perfect chain based on your taste and preference. Here are some known and tested tips:

Quality :

When purchasing a Cuban link chain, you should carefully consider the level of its gold purity as that is what determines the quality and thereby the cost of the product. The purer the gold used in making a chain, the higher the quality and invariably the more expensive the chain. In otherwords, an 18k gold Cuban link chain with 75 percent pure gold content is usually more expensive than a 10k gold Cuban link chain of 41.7 percent pure gold content.

The tightness and flattishness of the links in a Cuban link chain as well as how well the box locks are secured can also be a strong pointer to the quality of a Cuban link chain.


Next in ranking to the quality of any Cuban link chain is its size - an issue that has made both the hip-hop stars as well as regular consumers of this product to aim high on the size scale of Cuban link chains. Except you want to impress someone, the size of your Cuban link chain jewelry should depend on your taste and preference. Nevertheless, wearing multiple smaller cuban link chains can be fashionably cool.

The ideal length for men and women Cuban link chain range between 28 to 30 inches and 22 to 24 inches respectively while the width range between 7mm to 8mm and 4mm to 5mm respectively - a recommendation which obviously is not for rappers and hip-hop artistes who prefer and usually go for the exaggerated and very heavy /iced out Cuban link chain with excess weight of 10 kilograms that usually looks and probably is neck-breaking. .

The bottomline?

Inasmuch as size is important when shopping for a Cuban link chain, it is always good to shop within your income. Despite the fact that a 10k gold Cuban link chain is much cheaper than say either a 14k or 18k gold Cuban link chain, you should, still having quality in mind, not gravitate to as low as gold Cuban link chain of 10k. Stay within the range of gold Cuban link chain of 14k and above bearing in mind that the entire Labour cost for a low quality gold Cuban link chain such as the 10k gold Cuban link chain is about the same as that of a higher quality of the same weight.

Secondly, be a quality freak - never compromise it! Go for handmade, not machine-made Cuban link chain which is usually of inferior quality. Shop for a Cuban link chain with a tighter, flat-links design with a high quality, safely secured box lock such as the 14k gold Cuban link chain or a higher

one as they are both good looking and of best quality. Shun the 10k Cuban link chain that has just 40 percent pure gold that most jewelers go for. Being mindful of the fact that many manufacturers either make or try to make iced out Cuban link chain or heavy Cuban link chain, very few of them actually succeed in creating high quality Cuban link chain such as the gold Cuban link chain, iced out Cuban link chain or heavy Cuban link chain or hip-hop Cuban link chain hence our society is replete with men and women who move about wearing funny and very low-quality Cuban link chain. Use a manufacturer with high commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail and finishing in order to ensure you get top-notch Cuban link chain with all of its links precisely welded and evenly filed down. Visit tsvjewelers as they have more than enough stock to match your taste and budget.

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