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Cuban Link Chains

Fashions come and go as the fashion world is an ever-changing one. Some fashion items or trends disappear to reappear much later with others like the Cuban link chains stay relevant all the time. Although no-one knows for certain but going by popular opinion, these versatile gold Cuban link chains probably evolved from the hip-hop jewelry movement of the late 70s and mid 80s have not only stuck around for long but lately has worked its way up to the top cadre of the fashion world with almost everyone desiring to have one. The craze for Cuban link chains short up after the year 2012 and have steadily been on the rise ever since going by the monthly worldwide searches shown by Google - a strong pointer to the interest /attention and invariably the demand that Cuban link chain now get. This increased attention and popularity of gold Cuban link chain can be partially if not totally attributed to its increased use by high profile hip-hop celebrities such as rappers, athletes etc. as it is from them that people started seeing very long versions of gold Cuban link chain, iced out Cuban link chain or heavy Cuban link chain, hip-hop Cuban link chain and others, some of which weigh as much as 2, 5 or 10 kilograms.

This popular style Cuban link chain, which is either machine-made or hand-crafted is mostly made of metals like platinum, gold and silver with gold being the most common metal used. The two most common color configurations of Cuban link chain are the yellow gold Cuban link chain and the rose gold Cuban link chain (also known as the pink Cuban link chain or red gold Cuban link chain). Most gold Cuban link chain are made to look like yellow gold or regular gold. Other colored metals such as copper, nickel, manganese and palladium can be combined with gold to change the color of the final design viz:

Copper combines with gold to make rose gold Cuban link chain.

.Nickel, manganese or palladium combines with gold to make the white gold Cuban link chain variety. </