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Hip Hop Buddha Necklaces

The Hip hop jewelry game is becoming more and more popular as hip hop music continues to be the number 1 music genre when speaking of album sales and as well as popularity. Hip hop artist are always starting new trends with the flaunting their image to their massive fan base. The influence todays hip hop stars have on their massive fanbase in truly incredible. Fans love to look and follow the trends of their favorite celebrities rather it be by wearing a nice t-shirt or a custom iced out buddha necklace they seen a hip hop star wearing. With all the unique styles of Hip Hop Jewelry coming on the scene TSV Jewelers has been a top supplier for all the hottest hip hop jewelry. The Hip Hop Buddha Necklace has been getting some great buzz since it was released by TSV Jewelers back in November of 2016.

The second buddha necklace released by TSV Jewelers back in February of 2017 is the iced out green jade buddha necklace.

Similar design to the previous buddha release by TSV jewelers but with a more bling. The iced out lab diamonds in crested in the frame of this piece makes it extremely flashy and eye grabbing. This green jade buddha is the perfect match for a individual that is looking for the classic green jade buddha look but with a iced out twist. With a rope chain included that comes in multiple sizes that will make it a great gift for a male or female.

The third buddha necklace released by TSV Jewelers is the Hip Hop Red Agate buddha Necklace. From the first day TSV Jewelers announced the coming soon release date this was a pendant many customers had high interest in buy and adding to their buddha collection. This was a sold out piece when it first released do to its extremely rare design and look. Buddha necklaces are hardly seen in any color besides green or gold so when a red Buddha necklace is released it is a very big deal for collectors and a must have.

For more details on these Hip Hop Buddha necklaces please visit the website of TSV Jewelers here

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