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How To Keep Your Hip Hop Jewelry From Fading Or Tarnishing.

Caring For Your Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop Jewelry has to be taken care of if you would maintain the brightness and shine of the gold or silver. We have listed some helpful tips to make it easier with caring for your hip hop jewelry to make the plating last to its full potential.

1) Plated Hip Hop jewelry you wear should never be sprayed with perfume or cologne. It is very important to make sure all body sprays are done before putting on your hip hop jewelry so that the chemicals inside in the perfume or cologne will not contaminate the plated metal of the hip hop jewelry.

2) Hip Hop gold plated necklaces, rings or bracelets should only be worn after creme or lotion has been put on your skin.

3) Tarnishing of the plated hip hop jewelry or brass metal jewelry can be caused because easily by the reaction taking place with liquids like perfume, nail polish remover , oil, nail polish, and chlorine. Sweat can also cause the same problem also, therefore it is mandatory to remove all plated hip hop jewelry when exercising or swimming.

4) Very important to remove any dust or dirt that may b stuck to your hip hop jewelry after each and every use by cleaning it with a cotton ball or soft cloth. You can bring back the shine to the gold plated hip hop jewelry as well by rubbing its surface with a soft jewelry cloth.

5) Never use any jewelry cleaners or antibacterial soaps for cleaning gold plated hip hop jewelry due to chemicals present in them will tarnish the plating quickly.

6) Always place your gold plated hip hop jewelry in a separate jewelry box or in a soft jewelry cloth after cleaning to avoid scratches and blemishes.

7) Watch the video below to learn more about caring for your hip hop 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Care Types for each metal type.

1) Rhodium Plated Silver Care

Clean rhodium plated silver hip hop Jewelry with mild liquid soap and warm water such as ivory dish washing soap .Make sure your Rinse and dry the jewelry with a soft jewelry polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water.

- Do not use any chemicals on your rhodium items.

- Do not brush with a toothbrush or use toothpaste.

- Do not polish with cloths that are meant for use on uncoated silver or for gold jewelry.

- Do not place in an ultrasonic cleaner.

- Do not use abrasives of any kind.

- Do not use silver dips.

- Do not use ammonia-based products.

2) Gold Vermeil Care

Gold Vermeil means that a item is gold plated over 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver Hip Hop pendants can be gold plated. It is a good way to incorporate the look of gold at a fraction of the cost, especially for hip hop pendants. You can clean gold vermeil by washing the jewelry in warm soapy water. Use lukewarm water do not use hot it can crack some stones) and a couple drops of non-film leaving dish soap (not antibacterial). Use a soft toothbrush to get into tight places. Rinse and dry with a soft polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water.

3) Gold Plating Care

Always keep gold plated hip hop jewelry away from hard surfaces. Scrapes and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away very fast. Store your gold plated hip hop jewelry in jewelry box with a velvet inside or wrap it in a soft jewelry cloth that will prevent scratches. Lightly wipe your gold plated hip hop jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to take away any dust or dirt from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the gold plating. Use a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth and gently rub the gold plated Hip Hop jewelry to restore the shine.

4) Gold Filled Care

Always wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it nice and clean. The best way to clean in places that a polishing cloth will not reach is to use a small pan that will hold about a quart of water and line it with aluminum foil. Add hot water and a tablespoon of Tide washing powder (not liquid or with bleach) and stir. Place your jewelry in the solution for about 1 minute and rinse with clean water and air dry. If you have a build-up of dirt in hard to reach places, just put a little dish washing liquid in a bowl of water and soak overnight. This will keep your hip hop jewelry clean.

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