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How Do We Make Our Men's Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

TSV Jewelers is offering you custom hip hop jewelry, that matches your style. These custom pieces are exactly what you wanted, as they offer a personal touch. The jewelry is made by us from start to finish, but we ensure that your guidelines are followed to the letter. These custom hip hop jewelry pieces offer complete customization capabilities, so you can add your characteristics, and ideas to the design. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that offers great advantages. Once you start designing your piece with us, you will learn the endless possibilities custom jewelry has to offer.

Our custom designed pieces are a great opportunity, which allows you to tailor each and every detail of your custom hip hop jewelry. So once the piece is finished, you can wear it feeling proud of your design. Since custom jewelry is close to your heart, you should take out the time to indulge in the process of getting your custom piece made. This will be a daily reminder of what you love, and you can showcase it to the world. This will not be just another factory made piece, it will be your very own symbol. Which will turn into a treasured piece that holds more significance than anything else. To help you understand the process, we have broken down our process into four main steps.

Drawing the Design - As these are custom pieces our designers start by taking your requirements and demands into account. Once they have an idea of what you vision this custom designed hip hop jewelry to look like, they start to sketch a rough idea. The sketch helps us ensure that we get your idea down perfectly, as the design is yours. Furthermore, this will help you see your thoughts on paper, and help determine how you feel about the idea. This is a great place to get started, as it will help us get the idea down, so we know we are offering you exactly what you had in mind. Once the idea is down, our designers will discuss the matter with you, and make any adjustments if necessary. Once they have got the perfect design down, and you have approved, only then they will start to draw it on the desktop.

As shown in the image above, is a drawing of one of our custom hip hop jewelry designs. The design was made for Hustle City Entertainment and included all the small and large detailed they requested. This is a rough idea to help you envision how your idea will look like on, in comparison to how the final product will look like. The drawing process is just to help create a common ground, so we understand exactly what you wish for. Once we and you are completely satisfied with the design layout, we move on to the next step. Diamond Placement - Your custom hip hop piece will feature diamonds, but too much or too little can totally throw off the design. Which is why we have a diamond placement process in place, it helps you and our designers figure out what will work best keeping in mind your design. This is an important step in custom jewelry pieces, as they will help ensure that the design offers the right amount of bling, without going overboard. In addition, the design cannot carry any diamonds. The designer will sit down and discuss the matter with you, as each custom pieces require different shapes and size of diamonds. These will help set the perfect design in place, as everything from the depth to its color will be pre decided. This is the beauty of custom design, hip hop jewelry, you have complete control over the entire process. With unlimited freedom at hand, you can be as creative as you like, and truly create a custom piece of your dreams. The process might sound time-consuming now, but once you see your design, and where the diamonds will be added to help give the piece more character, the time will fly by.

The image above shows a clear picture of where the diamonds will be added, and this is the same format we follow with all our designs. Once we have the diamond placement locked down, the buyer is able to see the exact spaced where the diamonds will be added, and how many will be added. This will help them get a firm idea of what the end product will look like, and how the diamonds are placed. Once we have a lockdown on the diamonds and their placement, we move towards the next step. 3D mould - Once we have all the necessary details in place we move towards the 3D mould print, that allows us to create a custom mould for the design. As this is a custom piece, making a custom 3D mould is essential in getting each detail of the design just right. Which is not something regular or hand carved mould can achieve. Each design aspect has to be perfect, and to the letter; which is why we use computerized 3D moulds, that allow us to print each depth and aspect of the custom design with great details.

Here is how the mould looks like once it has been printed. If you look closely you will be able to see all the small and large details are in place, and ready to be made. The mould will act as the setting stone for the design, and once we are ready to go we use the metal of your choice. Once that metal has been melted it will be added in the mould. The mould will then help the metal forms its shape, which will ensure a perfect design. The mould might not offer great detail on the overall look, but it will offer a great end result. In addition, it helps us ensure that we are following the design you had approved to the letter. Once the metal sets, we remove it from the mould and get ready for the next step of the process.

Casting the Pendant - the final step of the process includes casting the pendant, during which we polish the pendant, and make sure the every cm of the pendant is the same way you have envisioned and discussed with us. This quality check allows us to ensure that we are offering you a piece that is exactly how you wish for it to be, and there is no single thing that we have left out or added as an extra. As we do not feel the need to modify your personalized hip hop jewelry piece in any way. This makes is a true custom piece, as each aspect of the process goes through you. From the beginning to the end, we make sure that we are following your lead

Once the piece has passed quality check, and we have ensured that it looks exactly the same way you had explained. We get onto polishing the entire piece, which helps us get the piece ready. Once the process is completed the custom piece features a great shine, feel, and overall look. In addition, the small design aspects of the pendant start to pop out. Once you have covered polish, we start setting down the diamonds. As you can see in the image above the diamonds are set in the spaces that were marked down in the second step. Each diamond is the perfect size, and ensure the same quality and color as the first one. This helps us ensure a rhythm and perfect overall flow of the design. Once the diamonds are set into place, we gently clean your entire piece and get onto setting it in the box for the big showing. These four simple yet effective steps help us ensure that you are being offered the perfect piece. We established our simple yet effective process in hope to get the best end result, and we have never disappointed our customers. Another great advantage of custom jewelry is that it allows you to control the end cost of the product. As you are not simply picking it out from a collection, and are a huge part of the process you can select anything from metal, or stone. So you will not have to worry about the price getting out of your comfort zone. The piece we create for you will be truly yours. Which is why we at TSV Jewelers use the latest technology to help make the process easier. Which is why TSV Jewelers are the only store that is offering you custom hip hop jewelry that you can turn into a family heirloom. It's personalized touch will offer a piece that is superior in quality and design in every way possible. So you can hand it down with confidence that there is no-one else in the world that has the same piece that you do, and it is truly unique in every way possible.

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