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Iced Out Egyptian Ankh Cross Necklace

Egyptian ankh necklace is a new trending style seen worn by the biggest celebrities in today's industry. Rather the larger size ankh or the smaller version ankh. TSV Jewelers has released some of the most elegant & unique designs.

The 14k gold Egyptian ankh cross is one of the most popular mens hip hop jewelry ankh crosses on the market. The edges are rounded solid 14k gold with the entire pendant coated in rhodium with small white lab simulated diamonds.The back of the pendant is solid and flat. The Ankh necklace is about 1.2 inches in length and includes your choice of box chain in size 18-30 inches in length.

The 18k gold Egyptian ankh key of life necklace is a very unique new stylish ankh pendant has the design features of a cuban link chain but made in the style of a ankh. The braided look has small white simulated diamonds placed through out the entire front side of the Ankh.The back side is made of solid 18k gold with the slick cuban link feature. Comes with a 22,24,26 or 30 inch 316 stainless steel 18l gold plated pearl box chain.

The mini 18k gold Egyptian ankh key of life necklace is one of the most popular mini ankh necklaces newly released by TSV Jewelers. This is a Great Style choice for both men and women. This new ankh design has small diamond studs placed in circle placements that surround the lab diamonds creating a design that is almost unreal. The lab diamonds shine brighter with the surrounding diamond centers.This mini size ankh includes a 316 stainless steel box chain size 18-30 inches.

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