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Mens Custom Hip Hop Jewelry.

In todays market mens hip hop jewelry is growing worldwide. The stylish new designs made with yellow gold rose gold and two tone gold designs are going viral. Small diamond design pendants are being spotted on top celebrities and entertainers that influence the culture that many follow.

Now at TSV Jewelers we want to help customers start trends by designing a custom pendant that represents you. We specialize in making mens custom hip hop designs at an affordable price that buyers on a budget can afford. Our pendants are great quality for a great price. We have created designs in 10k gold,14k gold 18k gold rose gold and white gold. Regardless of the style you are looking for we are 100% sure we can create just the right pendant you always envisioned.

We use high quality ultra premium gold plating on our mens hip hop custom pendant designs. pendants are dipped in our ultra premium plating 5 times to prevent fading and discoloration of the pendants. We use top quality lab simulated diamonds in our pendants to give off a shine that is often mistaken for real diamonds. The lab diamonds in all our designs are hand placed to prevent lab diamonds from falling out. We manufacture each pendant with care to assure the best quality.

How to get a quote on a custom hip hop pendant

1) Email your logo and size you would like your custom hip hop pendant to be. If you do not have a logo we can make your idea come to life. We offer a logo consultation $50 extra.

2) Once you receive your quote and agree to our price and terms we begin to create your design.

3) We start by drawing your design in pendant format. This process focuses on making the logo into the dimensions of the size the pendant will be. Once we create the drawing we send to the customer for approval.

4) Once the pendant dimension drawing is approved

we create a lab diamond placement pic showing exactly where the stones will be placed in the design if any are requested.

5) After the lab diamond placement pic is approved we

work on the 3d design which is a green gel like mould

that outlines the pendant is split image of what the

pendant would look like after production.

6) After the 3d mould of the hip hop pendant is created

it is molded by the base metal the customer chooses

options are brass and 925 sterling silver.

7) Once the pendant is moulded the last step to

production is plating once the design is plated it is then

ready to be shipped to the customer.

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