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Hip-Hop Jewelry is Growing More Popular Everyday

One of the most trendsetting genres of today is hip-hop. The hip-hop culture has emerged in such a robust way that popular culture is taking note of it and embracing it readily. Hip-hop jewelry is one aspect that has taken everyone by storm. Its popularity is owed to the rappers who pushed their fashion sense into the mainstream. It started in the late 1970s and early 1980s when hip-hoppers of that era began wearing oversized gold chains along with dazzling diamond pendants. After this, music videos began featuring popular rappers wearing multiple pieces of jewelry of various types of chains and bling. Today, rappers like Jay Z, Kanye West, and 50 Cent are influencing the masses in a big way with their style.

Hip-hop jewelry is coming in more attractive designs

Owing to its bold look, hip-hop jewelry is also known as bling-bling. Their big size, huge rope chains, and unique designs are making it more attractive. This style of jewelry has been successful in gaining attention in world of men’s fashion jewelry. The latest designs of hip-hop jewelry incorporate skulls, sneakers, and other symbols but still include traditional pieces like crosses with new, creative takes. The trending designs of hip-hop jewelry are so popular today that they are no longer limited to just rap stars. The bling today is equally appreciated by celebrities, actors, as well as sports personalities. Even the general public are loving the new variety of hip-hop inspired jewelry designs on the market. How is hip-hop jewelry created?