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Iced Out Pinky Rings

Now Tsv Jewelers offers a wide variety of hip hop iced out pinky rings rather you are looking for gold, white gold rose gold or iced out rings Tsv jewelers has you covered. Check out some of our newest releases below.

Tsv jewelers released this exquisite iced out canary yellow pinky ring in may of 2016. This ring features a 360 design with diamonds through out the entire ring. The canary yellow stones shine bright giving the ring a nice lemonade shine. The ring comes in sizes 6-12 and is perfect to fit on the pinky or to be a excellent statement ring.

The blizzard pinky ring is one customer

favorite that will never go out of style. If

you are looking for a white fold ring that is fully iced out this ring will be perfect. Tsv jewelers released this ring in January of 2015. Each diamond shines bright and will complement the individual wearing it by making the statement of success. this ring comes in men's ring sizes 6-12 made with a high quality plating dipped 4 times that will last a significant amount of time.

This stunning diamond ring was released in February of 2016. its two tone style attracted many customers. With the inner lining of the ring being 14k gold and the outside being white gold made for a killer combination that many could not help but to add to their ring collection. This ring is on the top of the list of must haves if you are planning to wear it to a club, party or sporting event it is guaranteed to shine bright no matter what the occasion. This Hip Hop Ring is a must have.

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